Monday Madness: 30 Under 30, Silvertone, Brick & Mortar, & Hong Kong Cafe

11 Dec


Bartender Kenny Belanger of Kirkland Tap Dances on Brick & Mortar’s Bar

Boston’s been my home for 16 months now. With only one semester left in my masters program, my future is uncertain. I’ve grown to love this peculiar town, and am not ready to leave. I owe most of this to the incredible people I’ve met in Boston’s hospitality industry. Even if my career takes me elsewhere, I won’t let it take me too far because a shot of Fernet and a pony of High Life just wouldn’t taste the same without the company of my Boston family.

I’ve recently ended a couple freelance gigs so I could spend more time writing about Boston bars, restaurants, and events. There are great things happening here and I want to do a better job of documenting and sharing it. I’ve gotten to the point where I’d rather write for free about people and places I love than scrape together a living from writing about whatever an editor tells me.

Monday December 9 was a great example of how grateful I am to be part of this scene. There were at least four major celebrations held all over the city.

Silvertone Industry Holiday Party

Brian Mantz at Silvertone Holiday Party

Brian Mantz unwraps his Secret Santa gift at Silvertone Holiday Party with pro photographer Drea Catalano

Brian Mantz of Angel’s Envy threw a lovely holiday party featuring ugly sweaters, a gift exchange, crab cakes, and lots of bourbon. Jen Sutherland of Berkshire Mt Distillers introduced me to a bunch of new folks that she worked with back in the day at the Beagle, but the real highlight was catching up with Silvertone owner Josh Childs for an hour. Those of you who know how busy and popular the man is, you know what a treat that is. In addition to being universally regarded as the nicest lifer in the business, Josh is one of the founding fathers of Boston’s craft cocktail scene, along with other legends like Brother Cleve, Misty Kalkofen, Jackson Cannon, John Gertsen, and Tom Mastricola. This holiday season, I’m thankful for spots like Silvertone and the Hawthorne that have great private rooms available for us to take over. It was a great party, but I felt a little bad for Brian because he planned this a month ago and attendance was less than expected because of the competition.


I didn’t mean for this to turn out so much like a Xmas card portrait. Jen Sutherland of Berkshire Mt., Josh Childs of Silvertone, Me, and Meaghan Murphy of Audbon (center)

30 Under 30
Zagat Boston threw a party honoring their 30 under 30. Several of my favorite young and talented bartenders were nominated: Katie Emmerson of the Hawthorne, Sabrina Kershaw of Franklin Restaurant Group, and Kevin Mabry of jm Curley. Also named were Neptune Oyster Executive Chef Michael Serpa and Andrew Foster of Fairsted Kitchen, two must-visit restaurants. Last year’s honorees included Patrick Gaggiano formerly of Trinas Starlite and now of Fairsted Kitchen, Heather Major of Hungry Mother,  Josh Taylor of West Bridge, and Sam Treadway of backbar.

Hong Kong Cafe
Others were enjoying a Tiki Monday at Hong Kong Cafe in Fenway, enjoying one last hurrah before the place closes. Eater’s Drew Starr was not in the mood to celebrate according to his twitter, “Too sad about losing my shitty Chinese delivery place of 15 years to be at the Tiki Hideaway farewell. #RIPHongKongCafe.” He added “Losing my shit over Hong Kong Cafe. My delivery for 15 yrs” and “Kind of weird people are nostalgic about a place most of them didn’t know existed.”

Evan, Kenny, John DJ B&M 2 Year

Guest DJs Evan, Kenny, and John Gertsen keep the party going

Brick & Mortar Two Year Anniversary

Every Monday evening, Brick & Mortar invites a guest DJ and creates cheeky drink specials for their “Spin the Bottle” series. This past Monday’s Spin the Bottle was extra special and chaotic thanks to the Central Square craft cocktail party spot celebrating their two year anniversary.

Get a Room

This couple refused to get a room, allll night

While John Gertsen was drinking Guinness, we were drinking “Jerkin Yo Gertsen,” a can of Coors Banquet and a Woo-Woo shot. As always, the music was on fire thanks to guest DJs Evan Harrison of Highland Kitchen, Kenny Belanger of Kirkland Tap & Trotter, and Gertsen of Drink. Brick and Mortar Bar Manager Matt Schrage also hosted special guests Joy Richard and Sabrina Kershaw of Franklin Restaurant Group.


The classy drink list signed by the guest DJs

IMG_9928-MOTION (2)

Me, Guest DJ Evan Harrison formerly of B&M & now Highland Kitchen, and drinking buddy Dr. Andrew Rausch

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