The goal of TreasureMA is to highlight many of Boston’s hidden treasures. Every time we choose to try a new restaurant or attend a play, in addition to spending our hard-earned money, we are choosing to allocate our most precious resource: our time. This site aims to help you decide places that are worth your time and money.

TreasureMA’s founder Nick Wilson hails from the great city of Los Angeles. His naive belief that he can make some small difference in the world has led him to graduate school at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. While moving 3,000 miles away from his ragtag LA “family” leaves him with a heavy heart, his stomach (and liver) is excited to explore the great culinary offerings in Massachusetts. He stays connected to home by occasionally still writing for LAist. His previous site TreasureLA is currently on life support, waiting for little updates when he visits home. He also writes for The Citizen and freelances nearly daily.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride as I try to uncover the best in food, cocktails, craft beer, fine arts, live music, theatre random fun, and anything else I find worth sharing!

If you want to learn more, check out TreasureMA’s welcome post.

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  1. Francesca Desforges December 10, 2012 at 6:28 pm #

    Hi there!

    My name is Francesca, I work for a skin care start up in downtown crossing called Bona Clara. I got your info from the Boston Bloggers Holiday Event… which I was supposed to go to but I couldn’t get out of the office. I have been looking through the list of bloggers and I love yours so much! Its so cute!!! I have been trying to blog for months and I just cant seem to make it look just right – actually even decent.

    Anyway…Back to Bona Clara… the founder, Jasmina, is an MIT graduate in bio chemistry engineering. She developed the age specific line on the premise that what your skin needs in your 20s is very different than what it needs in your 40s.

    We are hosting a meet and mingle cocktail event at the 21st Amendment in Beacon Hill tomorrow night. I would love to have you come and meet Jasmina + try the product! The facebook invite is below + I attached the PDF invite. Please let me know if you can make it – we are really trying to just get the word out about our brand!


    I would LOVE the opportunity to meet you, if you are free – you can bring a friend or 2 as well! The more the merrier! I look forward to hearing for you!

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